Partner With Us


Non exclusive basis- we will have multiple referrers in your Area

You will refer the customer to us , and for every reference you will send the full details of the customer for us to send the quotation to customer. Once order is confirmed and payment done, we will pay your referral commission. to become a referrer, you need not pay any registration fee to us.

We are utmost happy to have a business partnership with independent software vendors, domain experts etc. Being our partner, you can focus on your core business competencies and we take care of your other requirements. With our partnership, you will be able to cater to all types of customers and we are ready to provide you with any kind of software related services. We will be giving you special price on Alarta Products and Developments

  • Provide quality service to any client
  • Experience our domain expertise and varied skill sets

We tailor our partnerships to meet your goals and to create engaging activities that are easy to implement